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Shotokan Karate is one of the oldest and most influential styles of karate. It was developed by Gichin in Okinawa in 1916. Shotokan has many benefits. Not only is it a means of self-defence, but it also helps to develop patience, courage, self-confidence, self-control, strength, flexibility, calmness and concentration.


Weoley Castle Shotokan Karate club is governed by NAKMAS an association for martial arts clubs. NAKMAS provides insurance for every student and instructor. All instructors and assistant instructors are enhanced CRB checked before being issued with a licence to teach.

Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor Sensei Sue, 4th Dan, was taught by Sensei Cyril Cummins, 8th Dan, who in turn was taught by the world famous Japanese Sensei Enoeda.

Sensei Sue is chief instructor at the Weoley Castle dojo and has recently opened a second dojo in Longbridge.

WCSKC trains on 3 days of the week in 2 different dojo locations

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Class times and locations

Competition squad

Competition squad

WCSK has a squad of members who regularly compete in regional and national competitions. If you are interested in joining the squad and taking part in competitions, please speak to Sensei Hession.

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